Alcoholics Anonymous Speakers:

Friday Night Opening Speaker (7:00pm)

Steve T. from Winnetka, CA

Oldtimer’s Panel (Saturday 9:00am)

Bob L. (54 years), Cal B. (43 years),  Marie V. (44 years) and Cia F. (35 years)

Meditation Workshop (Saturday 10:30am)

Peter McG. from Santa Barbara, CA

4th and 5th Step Workshop (3 hours - Saturday Noon)

Brothers Ron W. and Ralph W. from Los Angeles, CA

Hospital's & Institutions Speaker (Saturday 3:00pm)


Youngperson’s Panel (Saturday 4:00pm)

Cindy S., Rachell B., Noah F., from Santa Clarita, CA

Saturday Banquet Speaker (6:00pm)

Alonzo B. from Sherman Oaks, CA

Sunday Spiritual Breakfast (9:00am)

Debbie D. from Concord, CA

Al-Anon Speakers:

Friday Night Opening Speaker (5:45pm)

Maria S from Los Angeles, CA

Luncheon (11:30am)

Kathy H from Cincinnati, Ohio

Workshop (2:00pm)

Peter N from North Hollywood, CA

Nadine J from Westwood, CA

Jennifer S from Santa Clarita, CA 

Saturday Family Panel (9:00am)



Hyatt (5)


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